AERON is a technical general contractor within ventilation, heating & cooling, pipes, electricity and automation for marine, offshore and land-based operations - a solid business with turnkey solutions.


Who are we?

We have a total of over 110 employees with approx. 50 employees in Flekkefjord. We have interdisciplinary expertise where we design and deliver turnkey technical facilities. We are financially strong with a solid owner in AF Gruppen. 

We are with you all the way - AERON is a multidisciplinary player that can take responsibility for everything from design to completion "From conception to completion". We have an in-house developed AERON automation system with AERON Connect for remote control of facilities and we can program, build, install and maintain all the facilities with internal resources.

Thoroughness and hard work - We have a tradition-rich culture based on our values of thoroughness and hard work, a will for profitable growth, being trustworthy and leadership through presence and empathy. We have an uncompromising attitude to safety and ethics. Our suppliers and subcontractors in our projects must undertake to follow our values and requirements for behavior including the principles of the UN's Global Compact.

Responsibility, growth and well-being - We focus on having a good working environment where diversity is valued and harassment is not tolerated. For many years, AERON has taken on apprentices who later gained permanent employment, and we attach great importance to the employees being given the opportunity to develop and take on greater responsibility. AERON is based in a modern building close to the E-39, has its own AERON company sports team, gym at the workplace, and several social events.

Culture of diversity - Our employees and workers meet our diversity initiative both through culture and systems. We are part of the AF Gruppen, which was voted by the Financial Times as one of Europe's best companies in diversity work. We have zero tolerance for harassment and employees are encouraged to report anything that is not right. In Flekkefjord, we have employees from all the nearest municipalities such as Lund, Sokndal, Sirdal, Kvinesdal, Lyngdal and Farsund.

Sustainability and energy efficiency - The world needs energy-efficient solutions. We work forward-looking, with energy-efficient and sustainable solutions for both new and existing buildings. We offer smart technical solutions that will be profitable for both our customers and the environment and follow ethical guidelines, laws and regulations to minimize negative impact on the climate and environment. By offering heat pumps, solar cell systems and utilizing renewable energy in both sun, air and water, we offer sustainable future-oriented solutions.

Supports the local community - We support the local environment through sponsorship of both culture and sports teams and by contributing through Småbyen Flekkefjord.

Development and growth - Aeron operates both locally, nationally and globally and can therefore give its employees the opportunity for many interesting tasks with assignments in many countries. Since we are part of the AF Group, there will also be opportunities for training and further development in subjects and management through the AF Academy. AF's ambition is to be able to offer our employees the best management school in the Nordics.

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