Consulting and auditing company that, with both closeness to and understanding of Norwegian society and business, helps businesses to achieve their goals.


Who are we?

BDO is a consulting and audit company that, with both closeness to and understanding of Norwegian society and business, helps businesses to achieve their goals. With high quality deliveries and a sincere commitment to people, business and society, BDO creates and secures value.

Want to make a difference

At BDO, we want to make a difference. We know that sustainable development sets the conditions for the future of society and business, and our customers must note that BDO is a supporting player who shows the way. A supporter who sees the big picture, draws on the right expertise and cares – about them and the environment.

BDO supports the local community

BDO is the leading accounting office in the Lister region, and we are investing heavily in Flekkefjord. We are based in Brogaten in the center of Flekkefjord. Office manager Charlotte Tangvald Larsen grew up in Flekkefjord and is a true local patriot. Besides managing our local office, she has a burning commitment to kayaking. With a local presence and a deep understanding of the local business and social life, we help local businesses to achieve their goals. We work closely with local auditors, advisers and lawyers and also support local initiatives as sponsors of teams and associations.

About sustainability in BDO

Sustainability is an important value for BDO. We are dedicated to making a positive difference and being known as a business that is passionate about sustainable development. We have set ourselves four priority sustainability goals that guide our own work and involve all our employees - we want to be: A driver for good health and quality of life, inclusion and diversity, decent work and economic growth, as well as a driver for stopping climate change. We can help your business to work purposefully with sustainable development in - and through your own business.

About technology in BDO

Digitization is an important part of our strategy now and in the years to come. It is about making use of the opportunities digitization creates for customers, society and for BDO. All BDO's services must be supported by value-creating digital tools. We always take your needs as a starting point.

Inclusion and diversity in BDO

In line with our sustainability goals, we focus on inclusion and diversity. Everyone in BDO, regardless of gender, age, nationality, skin colour, sexual orientation, religion, political conviction and/or physical and psychological limitations or challenges, must be treated fairly, have the same benefits, the same opportunities and be included and looked after at all times . Fair treatment requires adaptation and adaptation to the individual's starting point and life situation.

Career opportunities and development in BDO

BDO is a forward-looking company with strong growth, where you get to influence, learn and develop. Above all, you will be part of a community characterized by genuine commitment and high competence. Whatever dreams and plans you have for your career, you will gain experiences that will take you further. We are concerned that employees should continuously develop professionally, personally and as managers. Through formal training programmes, sponsorship arrangements, interdisciplinary cooperation and further education programmes, we make it possible for you to succeed and achieve your goals.

Work with us?