Egenes Brannteknikk

Egenes brannteknikk is Norway's leading supplier of fire trucks!


Who are we?

Norway's largest fire truck manufacturer - Egenes Brannteknikk is the leading manufacturer of fire engines in Norway! Our fire engines are built in Flekkefjord and we deliver to the whole of Norway, including Svalbard and Jan Mayen. We offer flexible solutions, adapted to Nordic conditions, as well as the customer's own wishes.  

Safe and social workplace - All our employees contribute to a good social and professional community. We emphasize continuous learning/development and have a strong focus on Egenes Brannteknikk being a safe and secure workplace. That is why we continuously work to improve our routines. In addition to this, we have a canteen where we gather for a joint lunch and during the year we have several joint events.

Diversity and opportunities - With us, there is room for everyone. Several nationalities are represented, and we attach great importance to everyone learning Norwegian as their main language at work. All our employees help each other with language understanding. There is a lot of room for asking for help. We encourage our employees to improve their skills, and make arrangements for further education. Each individual gets the opportunity to use their experience in the company, and there are good development opportunities. We are concerned with seeing the whole person, and want to let the individual use their full potential.

Innovation and sustainability - Egenes Brannteknikk aims to expand the portfolio to several segments within fire and rescue. We work continuously to improve our products and are always on the lookout for opportunities that can lead to innovation. Egenes Brannteknikk is ISO 09001:2015- and ISO 14001:2015-certified for quality and environment, in addition to Environmental Lighthouse certification. 

Local commitment and local suppliers - Egenes Brannteknikk uses local suppliers as far as this is possible. We accept students in work practice and at all times have apprentices in the company corresponding to 10% of all employees. Egenes Brannteknikk seeks to be a good partner for both local businesses and society in general, and for many years has been a regular supporter of Norway's oldest rock festival, Fjellparkfestivalen, which is run by young people, for young people.

Welcome to the company and the local community - We are proud of our onboarding process, which ensures that our new employees receive a warm welcome and good follow-up from day one. We attach great importance to giving our employees a solid understanding of our company culture, training and support, so that they can thrive and succeed both at work and in our society. Our high employee satisfaction and low turnover rate are proof that we are a workplace that values and takes good care of our employees.

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