Exbo is the local estate agent that sells homes all over Southern Norway and has branches all over the country.


Who are we?

Exbo is the local estate agent that sells homes all over Southern Norway and has branches all over the country. Whether you are buying or selling a home, we help you safely through the entire process. The goal is for both buyer and seller to feel taken care of. Exbo Flekkefjord is owned by Flekkefjord Sparebank and shares premises with them in Brogaten by the beautiful Øvre Park, right in the center of Flekkefjord. 

Digital and accessible

At Exbo, contact between our customers and our estate agents is paramount. It is about safety and trust. We take you through the entire process, whether you are a buyer or seller, or sitting on the fence and considering. In addition, we want our products to be available when you have time. That's why we take you on a digital journey, where you can enjoy beautiful homes at your leisure, on our website and in social media. The digital presence and use of technology has enabled real estate agents to reach out to a wider audience. 

Summer paradise all year round

"The rise in prices in the various cities in Southern Norway began in earnest during the pandemic. As real estate agents, we noticed a change in the moving pattern, when home offices and "remote" working became common," says chain manager for Exbo, Heidi C. Gabrielsen. She continues, "We noticed that Rogalanders and Easterners saw the opportunity to live in their summer paradise all year round, and bought homes in the small towns and rented into office communities. There were more expatriates from the south who accelerated their plans to move home to the south and with that contributed to the fact that there were many strong bidders in the market." There is also little doubt that the new beautiful road that connects Kristiansand and Mandal contributes to the fact that more people have opened their eyes to the places west of Kristiansand, including Flekkefjord. The city's strategic location between Kristiansand and Stavanger is definitely an advantage.

Social community

The Exbo chain regularly has social events, trips and team building on the programme. Which means that the cohesion and friendship within the chain is very good. As Exbo Flekkefjord is co-located with Flekkefjord Sparebank, everyday life is enjoyed in a good and inclusive environment in the bank. 

Local knowledge and security

The close cooperation with the city's largest bank, Flekkefjord Sparebank, as well as the fact that we are local, is an advantage, both when buying and selling housing. Exbo has a good overview of what is going on in the market locally, which provides security for our customers. We contribute to a significant part of the property turnover in the district.

Work with us?

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