Flekkefjord videregående skole

Flekkefjord upper secondary school is a competence company that provides teaching in both vocational subjects and study specialisations.


Who are we?

Flekkefjord upper secondary school is a competence company that provides teaching in both vocational subjects and study specialisations. The school has the highest completion rate of all upper secondary schools in Agder and we have good cooperation with both the municipality and private business. We are proud of! Our core competence is the good and targeted teaching we provide and the professional "know-how" in both theoretical and practical subjects. We see the importance of collaboration, networks, and the combination of a practical and theoretical approach.

Inclusion and diversity
The culture at Flekkefjord upper secondary school is inclusive and diverse, both for staff and pupils. A good place to learn is a good place to be. We have a safe and good school environment and our philosophy is "We want each other well". With us, everyone is seen: Here you are someone and here you become something. We have both students and teachers of several nationalities and the school has an international feel in many ways. We see this as a strength. 

Future-oriented and sustainable
"We don't look back, we always look ahead!" is one of our slogans. The overall aim of the school is to prepare students for an ever-changing world and equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge for success in the future. Contributing to us having a sustainable school is of course important to us: We take care of the individual student, the teaching environment, the working environment, as well as the purely environmental aspects - We have source sorting and electric car chargers, as well as solar cells on the roof.

Strengthens the local community
At Flekkefjord upper secondary school, we see the importance of having good teaching options where you live! Here, too, we contribute to creating a sustainable and strong local community. Students can live at home while attending upper secondary school. We train professionals for local business and the public sector. In this way, we increase local competence and equip the young people for further education, specialization and working life.

Development opportunities
It is planned to build a completely new department for adapted teaching in 2024, which will give the school a big boost. The employees have the opportunity for both courses and continuing education to keep professionally up-to-date. This is important for the individual's well-being and the school's future. We have a charity called "Hjerte og kar" which regularly organizes social evenings for the employees. If you want to contribute to the development of the region, in addition to working in a positive and developing environment, Flekkefjord upper secondary school could be the perfect workplace for you. 

Work with us?