We are developing the IMPETUS Afea Solver, a calculation tool for extreme mechanics


Who are we?

World-leading technology - At IMPETUS we deliver and develop the software solution IMPETUS Solver, which calculates how materials and constructions react to extreme loads. Here, knowledge of physics, mechanics, the behavior of materials, mathematics and programming of efficient computer code is used to create a tool so that our customers can easily make these calculations. The technology offered is world-leading and we deliver to central, global players in the defense industry and the automotive industry, as well as the oil/gas and metal industries. 

Opportunities for growth and development - As we are a small company, the path from idea to decision is short. Here you have great opportunities to influence the development of the company and your own everyday work life. With us, you can use your specialist expertise from education, and at the same time develop yourself in new areas. 

Well-being and great freedom - IMPETUS attaches great importance to the well-being of our employees. That's why we offer good coffee, lunch from Presterud bakery, cinnamon buns when we celebrate sales, and have a foosball table game ready for anyone who wants to play! We have good facilities and work equipment and have a low threshold for taking a break if you need it. Working hours are flexible. We have a good working environment, because we have good people on the team!

Coveted expertise and unique solutions - There are only a few companies globally that work with the same things as us. We need specialist expertise from several disciplines to deliver all components on which our system is based. We have skilled employees in the development of scientific programming code (numerics/mechanics/physics), databases, visualization, user interfaces and web solutions. We are always looking for new solutions and new functionality is introduced quickly.

Base in Flekkefjord and Stockholm – IMPETUS has offices in both Flekkefjord and Stockholm and we have daily contact via digital platforms. We are both Swedes and Norwegians and also attract other international workers who settle in Flekkefjord. If Flekkefjord is too small and you want to work in the big city of Stockholm - we'll arrange that too!

Sustainability and local responsibility - Simulations are more environmentally friendly than doing physical experiments and it reduces costs and the use of energy and raw materials. We also shop with local suppliers as much as possible, e.g. is our Cloud solution designed and operated by the Flekkefjord company Iserv Computing. 

International visibility – Our focus is on the international market. We organize international conferences in Flekkefjord, where we attract customers from all over the world. This fills hotels and local restaurants and Flekkefjord is made visible. We have an extensive contact network with international universities and global customers and can connect local stakeholders on this.

Work with us?

At IMPETUS, we try to invest in organization and people, so that we can be a leader with our products in the long term. Every year, IMPETUS offers summer jobs/internships to local technologists.