Modalsli Rør

We carry out all types of plumbing services and are also a total supplier of complete bathrooms and wet rooms.


Who are we?

Bademyljø (Modalsli Rør) was established in 1965 and is located at Brogata 31 in the center of Flekkefjord. We also have branches in Farsund, Lyngdal, Sirdal, Kvinesdal and Lund. We carry out all types of plumbing services and are also a total supplier of complete bathrooms and wet rooms. We help our customers with the installation of heat pumps, underfloor heating, normal equipment assembly and service assignments. The core is quality in all aspects. 

24-hour on-call arrangement

We are a master company with a 24-hour security system. Something that gives our customers invaluable security that makes everyday life easier. Our plumbing company offers services in a number of areas: PE welding, heating systems, purification systems, industrial plumbing, house plumbing, total rehabilitation of bathrooms, new buildings, sprinkler systems, and heat pumps. For us, it is important to be up-to-date on the latest developments in our areas of work. 

Good working enviroment

At us, we work continuously to have a good working environment. We have an inclusive corporate culture, good ceiling height and respect for each other. The workplace functions a bit like a family, where everyone is looked after and looked after. The importance of a good working environment is clear: it promotes well-being, commitment, productivity and makes employees feel valued. We know that what we invest in creating a positive working environment, we can all reap the benefits of and achieve sustainable success in the long term.

Social and developing

As an employee of fos Bademyljø (Modalsli Rør), you can work within several work areas. There is room here for both specialization and development. We see the whole person and provide room for both personal and professional development. There is always new technology to familiarize yourself with. To meet the market's development, you are trained in the relevant areas. We have social gatherings and an inclusive working environment. Regular staff meetings are held and as an employee you are part of a company health service scheme. We have employees of both sexes and a wide age range, from young to elderly. 

Sustainability and focus on the employees

Sustainability is important to us, both in terms of energy use, our employees' well-being and health, local involvement, as well as financial sustainability. We are certified Environmental Lighthouses, deliver energy-saving solutions, and take care of our employees. For future sustainability as a business, we participate in the Education Fair to recruit for the plumbing profession. We also sponsor teams and associations, and we are present at what is happening in the local area.

Work with us?