NorDan is Norway's leading supplier of windows and one of Northern Europe's largest manufacturers of windows and doors.


Who are we?

NorDan is Norway's leading supplier of windows and one of Northern Europe's largest manufacturers of windows and doors. We are a family-owned business and in 2026 we are celebrating our 100th anniversary. We focus on quality, make sustainable products with a long lifespan and also have the market's best guarantee scheme for end customers. At Moi, there has historically been heavy expertise in the wood industry, which has given us a competitive advantage. We spend a lot of resources on product development and quality control. 

Perfect interaction

NorDan has a good working environment. There are short distances and colleagues meet across departments. We have a vision of "Perfect interaction". The goal is not for us to be perfect, but for us to constantly seek the perfect interaction between people, production technology and employees. It makes everyday life better for all of us.

Social and active

All employees are automatically members of NorDan's company sports team. Among other things, training rooms, shooting, volleyball and badminton are offered here. We plan to be social at lunch and at breakfast in our common canteen, in addition to the fact that there are several social gatherings during the year. 


Most of our employees come from the local area and surrounding areas. The industry we belong to often has a low proportion of women and a large proportion of skilled workers. If we compare with the industry in general, we have a relatively large proportion of women at 26% (approx. 9% in the industry). Furthermore, approx. 17% employees in our production are first or second generation immigrants.  

Sustainability and local commitment

Sustainability has been part of our business for a number of years. We were the first window supplier to receive the Nordic Ecolabel, already in 2007. We have set clear sustainability targets for 2030 and are working purposefully to achieve them. NorDan has its own head of sustainability work in the company. We are also a major contributor to the local community and support local organizations and associations. NorDan wants to be an important contributor to the municipality becoming an attractive place to live. 

Opportunities and development

NorDan is constantly exploring new markets and seeking development, which gives us great opportunities for the future. There is a high ceiling and short distances to get projects raised to management. This gives us as employees the opportunity to be creative both when it comes to the development of our own products, but also to raise our eyes with regard to new markets. NorDan offers internal career opportunities in addition to development.

Work with us?