Pilar Building Consulting

Pilar is a consulting engineering company that assists with planning, engineering and follow-up of building and construction projects. The company's main expertise is project administration, construction engineering, geotechnics and environmental remediation. 

Bilde av de ansatte på Pilar

Who are we?

Consultants within construction - Pilar is a consulting engineering firm that assists with planning, engineering and follow-up of building and construction projects. The company's main expertise is project administration, construction engineering, geotechnics and environmental remediation. 

History - Pilar Byggrådgivning changed the company name from Arentz & Kjellesvig in 2022. The company was established in 1988 and since then has been a solid, local consulting engineering company with a good reputation in the construction industry. After a generational change in the company, we gave our name and profile a new suit adapted to future operations and development - We became Pilar.

Well-known actor in Flekkefjord - For several decades, the engineering firm Arentz & Kjellesvig has been a well-known player in the local business life in Flekkefjord. Among other things for Spira (project management), Flekkefjord Sparebank Arena (construction management) Fabrikkgården (construction engineering), Sentrum kindergarten (project management), in addition to a number of other major projects both in Flekkefjord and other cities.

Young employees and co-owners - Pilar is owned by employees and is an independent consulting engineering firm. We have a low average age in the company, where 4 out of 6 employees are in their 30s. We are members of the Association of Consulting Engineers (RIF) and have central approval. We are based in Flekkefjord and have been part of S32 - Strandgaten Competence Center since 2000. Out of 6 employees, there are 5 men and 1 woman. We would like more female employees.

High competence and digital strength - All employees in Pilar have a higher education as either an engineer or a civil engineer in the field of building and construction. We also have good digital expertise and use, among other things, advanced calculation programs in our work. Pilar is also the founder and part owner of FotoBIM as, which deals with 360° photography and drone photography.   

Mentor for new employees and flat structure - Pilar has a great work culture, where all employees are given responsibility in construction projects. We are several people who collaborate in the projects and hold professional discussions. We have a flat management structure. New employees are assigned a mentor in the company, who they can rely on professionally.

Innovative - Pilar is a innovative company, with a solid reputation in the industry and a large customer network. Both public and private builders, contractors, industry, other consultancy firms and private individuals. We also have a broad customer area, with the main focus from Stavanger to Kristiansand.

Environmental focus - We focus on sustainability and environmentally oriented implementation of construction projects. Through our assignments in environmental remediation, we map building materials for reuse - and prevent toxins that are dangerous to health and the environment from spreading in nature. We are also currently working on becoming Environmental Lighthouse certified.

Good working environment and great shared experiences - At Pilar, we have flexible working hours and defined core hours. We focus on collaboration, well-being and strong bonds through memorable experiences. Join exciting company trips and participate in fun team-building activities such as company relays. We organize social events such as padel tennis and dinners, and employees organize their own informal meetings with activities such as running and walks in the forest outside working hours.

Greater social environment via shared offices at S32 - The company is part of a joint lunch arrangement with the rest of S32, where employees are encouraged to get to know the other employees in the building. In the same forum, pizza evenings, lectures, wine lotteries, etc. are also arranged.  

Development opportunities - All Pilar employees are highly educated and all are given responsibility through the projects they are responsible for. The employees can work in several specialist areas within our core areas. Furthermore, we focus on courses to maintain competence, to keep up-to-date on changed requirements or to gain competence in new professional areas.  

Supports the local community - We are strongly involved in the local community. Pilar contributes with the realization and implementation of both large and small construction projects, all of which contribute to strengthening the local community. In addition, we sponsor a number of teams and associations, as well as projects.

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