Detached house w/ large, sunny and easy-care plot!

Måltrostvegen 11


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Detached house

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Owner (Freehold)


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Briefly about the property

The property is sunny in a well-established residential area on Sira, approx. 20 km from the center of Flekkefjord. From the property there is proximity to, among other things, school, kindergarten, grocery store and public transport. Just in the immediate area, you will also find nice swimming areas and a popular playground.

Easy-care plot with garden, trees and ornamental shrubs. Gravel driveway. Furthermore, a veranda with living wall and terrace with exit from the living room has been established.

Some modernization has been carried out in recent years.
The home is over 3 levels and contains a living room, kitchen, bathroom/wc, 3 bedrooms and misc. booths.


The property is sunny in a well-established residential area on Sira, approx. 20 km from the center of Flekkefjord. From the property there is proximity to, among other things, school, kindergarten, grocery store and public transport. Just in the immediate area, you will also find nice swimming areas and a popular playground.


The home spans 3 levels and contains the following layout:

1st floor:
P-room: Attic, hallway, living room, kitchen and stairwell.

2nd floor:
P-room: Hallway, bathroom/wc and 3 bedrooms.

S-room: 3 stalls


Easy-care plot with garden, trees and ornamental shrubs. Gravel driveway. Furthermore, a veranda with living wall and terrace with exit from the living room has been established.

Construction method

For information on the construction method, see the attached condition report


According to held housing sales report, the following description of the property appears:
"The property is built up with a garden and courtyard. The home is built in wood and concrete construction and is over three floors as well as a crawl space. Inside, there are older wooden floors and mostly paneled surfaces on the walls and ceiling. The building has been partly renovated over the years. As can be seen in the report, symptoms of deviations from the normal condition have been registered, mostly as a result of normal wear and tear and the age of the building components. It is important to point out that the building was built in accordance with the regulations that applied in the year of construction. Today's regulatory requirements for insulation , climate and indoor environment are stricter than those that applied when this home was built, and a deviation from the current standard must therefore be expected. Reference is also made to the report's individual points".

See the full report attached to the sales statement.

Furthermore, the following are mentioned/summarised:
* Roof, cladding, windows and doors have been replaced recently
* Fuse cabinet with automatic fuses
* Heat pump from 2017 and wood stove

In line with the Norwegian Consumer Protection Authority's current guidelines for the marketing of housing, all significant information about the home must be highlighted in the sales statement. Below is therefore a copy of the condition report's Summary of the condition of the home, which shows the deviations in the home that has been given condition grade 2 (TG2) or 3 (TG3). It is nevertheless specified that the entire sales report including the condition report, seller's self-declaration and other attachments must be carefully reviewed. This is because matters described in the sales documents cannot be claimed as missing.

TG3 Major or serious deviations
* Windows in basement
* Inv. stairs
* Bathroom
* Kitchen; A discrepancy with deductions has been registered.
* Water pipes
* Drain pipe
* Hot water tank
* Foundation wall and foundations

TG2 Deviations that may require action
* Snow trap
* Roof construction/attic
* Exterior doors
* Other ext. relationship; The stairs have extensive damage and are worn and characterized by age.
* Pipe and fireplace
* Room below ground
* Inv. doors
* Drainage

TG2 Deviations that do not require immediate action
* Drains and fittings
* Wall construction
* Balconies, terraces etc
* Inv. surfaces
* Kitchen; Kitchen furnishings are characterized by age and general wear and tear


Heat pump and wood stove. Otherwise electric.


For directions, please refer to the attached map in the sales statement. It will be signposted with an EiendomsMegler 1 sign at public viewings.


Parking on own grounds.

Home seller insurance

The seller has purchased property seller insurance from Fremtind forsikring. The insurance covers the seller's financial responsibility if you discover errors or deficiencies that are covered by the Disposal Act. The insurance applies from the buyer's takeover of the property and lasts for five years. In addition, the insurance covers the period between acceptance of the building and takeover, limited to 12 months. The insurance cover is limited to the sales amount, a maximum of NOK 12 million. For combination properties, the insurance only applies to the residential part. See the websites of Sparebank 1 for more information on what the insurance covers and which restrictions apply.


By agreement with the seller. Please indicate the desired takeover date in the attached bid form.

Central Laws

The property is sold according to the rules in the Disposal Act.

The sales statement is based on the information the seller has given to the building expert and broker, as well as information obtained from the municipality, the National Mapping Authority and other available sources.

The property must be handed over to the buyer in accordance with what has been agreed. It is important that the buyer familiarizes himself thoroughly with all the sales documents, including the sales statement, condition report and the seller's self-declaration. The buyer is considered familiar with conditions that are clearly described in the sales documents. Circumstances described in the sales documents cannot be invoked as deficiencies. This applies regardless of whether the buyer has read the documents. All interested parties are encouraged to examine the property carefully, preferably together with an expert, before submitting a bid. A buyer who chooses to buy sight unseen cannot claim as a defect something he should have become aware of during the survey.

If there is a need for clarification, we recommend that the buyer consults with an estate agent or a building surveyor before submitting a bid.

If the property is not in accordance with what the buyer must be able to expect based on its age, type and visible condition, there may be a defect. The same applies if incorrect information has been withheld or provided about the property and this has affected the agreement. A home that has been used for a certain amount of time has usually been exposed to wear and tear and damage may have occurred. Such wear and tear from use must be taken into account by the buyer, and certain conditions may be discovered after taking over that necessitate improvements. Normal wear and tear and damage that necessitates repair is within what the buyer must expect and will not constitute a defect.

The home may also have a deficiency if there is a discrepancy between the stated and actual area, provided that the discrepancy is 2% or more and a minimum of 1 sq.m.

When calculating any price reduction or compensation, the buyer himself must cover losses/costs up to an amount of
NOK 10,000 (deductible).

If the buyer is not a consumer, the property is sold as is, and the seller's liability is then limited cf. § 3-9, subsection 1, point 2. Information about the buyer's inspection obligation, including the call to inspect the property carefully, also applies to buyers who are not considered consumers.

A prerequisite for the sale is that the deed for the property is registered in the name of the buyer. The buyer accepts that EiendomsMegler 1 can publish the purchase price etc. in its own marketing. Interested parties and the buyer must accept that the seller and broker use electronic communication in the sales process.

In line with the real estate brokerage regulations, information about the client, the object of sale, interested parties and the buyer will be stored by the brokerage firm in min. 10 years. See for more information about our processing of personal data.

Test of completion / Permit of use

There is no completion certificate or temporary use permit according to the municipality. Cf. Section 21-10 (5) of the Planning and Building Act, a completion certificate is no longer issued for measures applied for before 1/1-98. This means that the buildings can be legally used and sold without a completion certificate. However, this does not mean that illegal built measures become legal.

The municipality will still be able to pursue and demand that illegal measures be applied for according to the current regulations.
The buyer assumes responsibility, risk and any consequences related to this.

Money laundering regulations

Estate agents are subject to the Money Laundering Act and are obliged to report suspicious transactions to Økokrim. The Money Laundering Act also contains strict rules on checking identification from all parties to the trade, including the seller, buyer and their authorized representatives.


Estate agents cannot convey offers with a shorter acceptance period than 12:00 on the first working day after the last advertised viewing where the seller is a consumer, cf. Information on bidding.

All bids and bid increases with any reservations, information on financing and takeover must be sent in writing to the broker. Brokers cannot convey verbal bids to the seller, bidders or interested parties. The bidder must provide identification with a copy of identification and signature. The broker must send written notice of bids and bid increases to the bidder, seller and interested parties. Acceptance of bids must be sent in writing to the bidder and seller. The bidder can use a bid form, electronic bidding, a scanned bid form sent by email or another approved form of written communication, e.g. App is in connection with the bidding. Confer with broker.

The broker is not responsible for delays caused by technical errors. During the bidding round, the acceptance deadlines can be shortened when new bids are received. The acceptance period is absolute, which means that the seller must accept and the buyer is notified of acceptance before the end of the acceptance period. If you postpone the submission of an offer until close to the acceptance deadline, there is a real danger that the property may be sold before your offer reaches the broker.

Always remember to call the broker after you have sent a bid or bid increase, to make sure that the bid has been received and can be communicated by the broker.


The property is located in an area regulated for housing. A copy of the situation map, measuring letter, zoning plans with regulations etc. is attached to the sales statement or can be obtained by contacting the broker. We encourage interested parties to familiarize themselves with these.


Måltrostvegen 11 - 4438

Sira, Norway