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Vollebakken 3


Housing type

Detached house

Form of ownership

Owner (Freehold)


Price quote

NOK 2,750,000

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Vollebakken 3
4405 Flekkefjord

Contact person

Kai Birger Amundsen, Estate agent
Mob: 91 15 79 35

Type of property

Detached house

Year of construction


Land registry

Gnr. 103 bnr. 373 in Flekkefjord municipality

Assignment number



See the map in the finn advertisement or contact the broker for detailed directions. It will be well signposted with EXBO display signs at joint displays.


Located on Vollebakken. Good sun and view conditions. About 2 km to the center of Flekkefjord.


Owned plot of 622 sq m.

Prepared with lawn, terrace, planting, garage and parking.

It is a registered cultural monument: Railway facility - protected by regulations due to the fact that an old railway runs some distance below this property. It must be expected that the municipality will carry out an assessment of conservation before permission is given to change/move/demolish/build.

Areas and distribution per floor

Detached house: Primary room: 102 sqm, Secondary room: 47 sqm.

Floor 1: Primary room: 57 sqm, Usable area: 57 sqm, Secondary room: 0 sqm.

Floor 2: Primary room: 45 sqm, Usable area: 45 sqm, Secondary room: 0 sqm.

Basement: Primary room: 0 sqm, Usable area: 47 sqm, Secondary room: 47 sqm.

Garage: Secondary room: 30 sqm, Usable area: 30 sqm.


Garage and parking space on the plot.

Regulatory conditions

The property is under the municipal sub-plan for the city center and the city center area 1999-2011. Adopted by Flekkefjord city council 09/09/1999.

The property is located in an area with current buildings. The property adjoins the reg.plan for footpaths and cycleways.

On a general basis, we point out that there may be future plans with the municipality for the area around the property, about which the broker has not received information.

Construction method

See housing sales report


Floor 1: P-room: Living room/kitchen, toilet room, hallway, stairwell and entrance hall.

Floor 2: P-room: 3 bedrooms, bathroom and hallway.

Basement: S-room: basement living room, hallway, storage room and technical/laundry room.

Staircase area includes area on all floors. All rooms in the basement are included as S-rooms. Cloakroom on the 2nd floor is not included in the floor plan.

Garage: S-room: garage.

There are approved and construction-notified drawings, but they do not correspond to current use
There are some changes regarding drawings received:
The requested entrance area has a soffit roof instead of a salt roof.

There are a number of changes to floor plans in terms of applied for and received plans and it can be mentioned:
- WC rooms are not registered on the main floor.
- Bathroom 2nd floor is registered as a bedroom.
-There are some changes to internal room divisions on all floors.


The home is located in an established residential area in Vollebakken in Drangeid just outside the center of Flekkefjord. Located with short distances to school, shop, kindergarten and the center of Flekkefjord. The home faces west, good sunny conditions and a great view over the fjord.

The property is built up with an asphalted driveway and a newer garage. A large veranda has been established on the south side of the property as well as a spacious garden.

The home was built in 1955 with a later added entrance in 1976. The home has been regularly maintained over the years.

Notable summary of deviations:
-Technical room/washroom in basement needs total renovation.
-Damp marks and salt stains have been found on the walls in the basement.
- Parts of the external drainage must be considered to be upgraded.
- Cladding on the gable wall to the west is older.
-Some windows are almost 50 years old and replacement of these windows cannot be ruled out.
- There is a missing handrail on the basement stairs.
- There are damp marks around the shower niche on the 2nd floor which need to be examined more closely.
- Drainage holes are missing on cisterns around wall-hung toilets.
- Roof covering on the entrance is not approved in terms of roof slope and should be replaced.
- There are rust marks on the plumbing tank and the external part of the heat pump.

Important points for those interested may be:
-Good parking conditions on the asphalted entrance area as well as a spacious newer garage.
-Spacious veranda and garden.
-Several new windows in the last 10 years.
- Short distance to school and the center of Flekkefjord
-3 bedrooms.
- New kitchen in 2021
-New front doors in 2013

Detached house
There are approved and construction-notified drawings, but
they do not agree with today's usage
There are some changes regarding drawings received:
The requested entrance area has a soffit roof instead of a salt roof.

There are a number of changes to floor plans in terms of applied for and received plans and it can be mentioned:
- WC rooms are not registered on the main floor.
- Bathroom 2nd floor is registered as a bedroom.
-There are some changes to internal room divisions on all floors.
- All rooms in the basement are considered S-rooms but have potential for utility rooms if the regulations are followed.

There are no drawings available
According to the owner, the garage has been completely demolished and rebuilt. It is unknown if it was built in the same place and in
same size.

Please contact the undersigned on tel. 4123 0081, or email leif@lindesnestakst.no for additional information about the report.


Wood-burning oven, otherwise electric heating.

Road, water, sewerage

Public roads, water and sewage.

Public taxes

Municipal fees amount to NOK. 8,159 per year. Municipal fees include property tax of NOK. 4 433. Consumption of water and sewage comes in addition to the fixed fee. There are 2 terms a year.

Renovation comes in addition and is invoiced directly to the seller. Divided into 2 terms per year.


The property is registered:

1952/1408-1/41 Registration of land
This cadastral unit created from: Knr: 4207 Gnr: 103 Bnr: 341

2020/1337664-1/200 Renumbering by municipality change
01.01.2020 00:00

Test of completion/Temporary use permit

There is no completion certificate/temporary use permit in the municipality's archives.
In older homes, it is not uncommon for a completion certificate to have been missing. For measures applied for before 1 January 1998, it is no longer possible to have a completion certificate issued. This is in accordance with the Planning and Building Act §21-10 fifth paragraph. If the building has been applied for and approved by the municipality, it will not be illegal to use the building even if a certificate of completion or use permit is missing.


Exbo is partly owned by Flekkefjord Sparebank! As a customer, you should profit from this. We work every day to take the best possible care of each other and our joint customers. Exbo's goal is to have the most satisfied customers in Southern Norway! Let's look at the overall picture together when buying and financing property!

Home seller insurance

The seller has chosen not to take out home seller insurance.

Homebuyer's insurance

Buying a home is for most people the biggest financial investment of their lives and not something you do every day. Do you know what rights you have as a home buyer and do you know when you have a legal claim if unforeseen problems arise?

Attached to the sales statement is information on Home Buyer Insurance from HELP Forsikring AS. Home buyer's insurance is legal aid insurance that provides security and professional legal help if unexpected faults or defects are discovered in the home over the next five years.

Read more about the insurance in the attached material or at help.no

Energy certificate

For the sale and letting of real estate, an energy classification on a scale from A_G must be stated on assignments entered into from 01.07.2010. There is no energy certificate for this property as of appointment time. The buyer must therefore take into account energy label G.

Equation value

Assessment value as a primary residence NOK 586,593 per 2021.
Assessment value as a secondary home NOK 2,111,734 per 2021.

Other information

All integrated white goods (including any dishwasher if it is in the home at the time of viewing) in the kitchen are included in the sale. Other white goods are not included unless otherwise agreed.


The property is sold according to the rules in the Disposal Act.

The property must be handed over to the buyer in accordance with what has been agreed. It is important that the buyer familiarizes himself thoroughly with all the sales documents, including the sales statement, condition report and the seller's self-declaration. The buyer is considered familiar with conditions that are clearly described in the sales documents. Circumstances described in the sales documents cannot be invoked as deficiencies. This applies regardless of whether the buyer has read the documents. All interested parties are encouraged to examine the property carefully, preferably together with an expert, before submitting a bid. A buyer who chooses to buy sight unseen cannot claim as a defect something he should have become aware of during the survey.

If there is a need for clarification, we recommend that the buyer consults with an estate agent or a building surveyor before submitting a bid.

If the property is not in accordance with what the buyer must be able to expect based on its age, type and visible condition, there may be a defect. The same applies if incorrect information has been withheld or given about the property. However, this only applies if it can be assumed that the agreement was affected by the fact that the information was not provided or that incorrect information was not corrected in time in a clear way. A home that has been used for a certain amount of time has usually been exposed to wear and tear and damage may have occurred. Such wear and tear from use must be taken into account by the buyer, and certain conditions may be discovered after taking over that necessitate improvements. Normal wear and tear and damage that necessitates repair is within what the buyer must expect and will not constitute a defect.

The home may have a deficiency if there is a discrepancy between the stated and actual area, provided that the discrepancy is 2% or more and a minimum of 1 sq.m.

When calculating any price reduction or compensation, the buyer himself must cover losses/costs up to an amount of NOK 10,000 (deductible).

If the buyer is not a consumer, the property is sold as is, and the seller's liability is then limited cf. Section 3-9, subsection 1, clause 2 Section 3-3 (2) of the Disposal Act is waived, and whether an indoor area failure is characterized as a deficiency is assessed according to Section 3-8 of the Disposal Act. Information about the buyer's inspection obligation, including the call to inspect the property carefully, also applies to buyers who are not considered consumers. By consumer purchase is meant the purchase of property when the buyer is a natural person who does not mainly act as part of business activities.


All bids must be submitted in writing to the broker. The first bid must be submitted on a bid form affixed with the bidder's signature. In addition, the bidder must have ID. Later bids can be submitted by e-mail, SMS or fax to the broker. Bids can also be submitted via an online bidding platform or app. If this solution is chosen, there is no requirement to send the first bid on a bid form. The broker must confirm in writing to the bidder as soon as possible that the bid has been received.

Bids that are not in writing, or that have a shorter acceptance period than until 12.00 the day after the last advertised viewing, will not be communicated to the seller. A bid is binding for the bidder when the bid has come to the knowledge of the seller. The seller is free to accept or reject any bid, and is thus not obliged to accept the highest bid for the property.
The broker must, to the extent that it is necessary and possible, inform those involved in the bidding round in writing about the status of the bidding. The broker is obliged to facilitate a proper winding up of the bidding round, and in order for the bids to be processed and forwarded in writing to all parties involved, every bid must have a sufficiently long acceptance period. The seller must accept the bid in writing before bid acceptance can be communicated to the bidder. Bid increases should therefore have an acceptance period of at least 30 minutes from the time the bid is submitted.
Seller and buyer are entitled to receive a copy of the bid journal immediately after the transaction has been completed. Anyone who has submitted a bid for the property can, on request, receive a copy of the anonymised bid journal after the bidding round has ended.
Otherwise, reference is made to Consumer information on bidding, which is attached to the sales statement.


According to Act of 6 March 2009 on measures against money laundering and terrorist financing, estate agents are required to carry out identity checks on the customer and/or any rights holders to the object. If identity checks cannot be carried out, the broker is obliged to stop the transaction. If the buyer does not contribute to an identity check being carried out, the broker is obliged not to carry out the financial settlement between the parties. In the event of suspicion that the transaction is connected to a criminal offence, the broker can stop the execution of the transaction. The broker also has a duty to investigate further/report to Økokrim if suspicious transactions are indicated without the seller and buyer being notified of this.


A thorough review of the attached condition report carried out by , as well as the seller's self-declaration is encouraged.

Please note that the interior drawings attached to the prospectus are sketches prepared by Exbo and show how the home is used today. The drawings are not objective or legally binding but are only intended as indicative interior drawings.

It is assumed that the deed is registered with the new owner. If the buyer does not want a title transfer of the property to him, reservations must be made about this in the bid.


Vollebakken 3 - 4405

Flekkefjord, Norway