Work in Flekkefjord

Flekkefjord has a rich and varied labor market with companies that are successful both nationally and internationally. Maybe you have the skills they need?

Flekkefjord is known for companies that are world leaders in their markets and they will need more good minds and hands in the years to come. Everything from industry, the construction industry and technology companies to the health sector and the service industry. Perhaps your expertise is needed? Check out our overview of exciting job opportunities!

Work for both

Need a job for two? We help you!

We know that moving means that many pieces have to be put in place. Jobs are often at the heart of this. If you have found a job, but not a partner - or vice versa, then we at Smaabyen Flekkefjord want to help you. We have a large network and good insight into what is going on in the various industries in the region. We can help you get in touch with the right people in business. By making contact with the company and the municipality, you are already a long way from getting a job, finding housing and settling down.

We help you find work for both of you. Contact. We will arrange this together!

Business development


Lists Innovation

Lister Nyskaping is the Lister region's business company. Through efficient processes, they contribute expertise, financing and networking to help companies throughout the region succeed. They are also part of a large network with various collaboration partners, clusters and professional environments.

Do you have a business that needs help with restructuring or are you an entrepreneur with a good idea who is wondering how to get started?

Clusters and networks

Lister Business Association

Lister Næringsforening is dedicated to promoting value creation in the Lister region. The association acts as a link between the private business world and the public sector, and focuses on knowledge sharing and cooperation. Through networking arenas and professional events, they facilitate meetings between members, so that they can make contacts and exchange experiences.

Lister Næringsforening works to create an attractive residential and business region with continuous progress. Their focus areas include recruitment, infrastructure development and positioning within offshore wind. Join Lister Næringsforening and become part of a strong and dynamic business community that contributes to growth and success for its members.

U45 – Business network in the Lister region

U45 is a business network for young workers in the Lister region. The network shall be the hub for active people interested in society and business in work under the age of 45.

Blue nutrition

Inakva LAB aims to facilitate infrastructure within research and development, as well as to establish contact with interdisciplinary competence ecosystems at Agder. We work to create an environment where research and development can flourish, and where different disciplines can collaborate and exchange knowledge to promote innovation at Agder.

Inakva business cluster aims to promote value creation and create new jobs in the companies. The participants in the business cluster form the very foundation for the Innakva project, and their commitment is crucial. Through the business cluster, the businesses' interests and perspectives are taken care of, while at the same time identity and knowledge for the industry is built up. An important aspect is also to create useful collaboration opportunities between the companies, which can contribute to increased innovation and growth.

Office community

Founder? Creative head?

Do you want to collaborate with others in a newly started business? The office communities in Lister are arenas for knowledge sharing, parties and subjects, insight and business, inspiration and learning. Here you can become part of an exciting working community of smaller companies. Come in and find your place in the community!

Vacant premises

Premises for rent?

Looking to rent a space or are you a property owner with premises for rent?

Check out our overview map of available premises in the center of Flekkefjord